Dr. Elke Cooke is from Germany and lives with her husband and two children in Northern California.

She is trained in Emergency Medicine as well  as Functional Medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine, American Academy of Antiaging Medicine, the Kalish Mentorship Program, and the Clinical Development Program with Dr Kara Fitzgerald.

Dr. Elke combines the best of both worlds in her Sacramento based functional medicine practice. For further information and to book with Dr. Elke, please visit her website.

Dr. Elke specializes in

Thyroid Health
Women’s Health
Digestive Health (Leaky Gut, IBS, SIBO)
Food Sensitivities & Allergies

Dr. Elke specializes in

Metabolic Health
Chronic Fatigue & Stress Management
Depression & Anxiety

Dr. Elke’s Story

In my late thirties, I found myself feeling disconnected, exhausted, constantly stressed and not sleeping well. I had lost my fire and spark and certainly my athletic abilities had taken a hit. To top that off I was diagnosed with SIBO, which left me bloated, not feeling very sexy and messed up my digestion as well as my thyroid. I started to dig deep into my medical training but refused to just cover up my symptoms with medication. I wanted to explore the root cause of this mess.  I refused to accept that this was going to be my new “normal”. I changed my diet, my exercise routine, and “No” became my new favorite answer to over-commitment. I learned more about my specific physiology and metabolism than I ever thought would be possible in medical school. It worked!

Today I feel strong, my digestion is working again and I have my spark back. My own journey fuels my compassion to help other women, mothers and weekend warriors to feel like an athlete again.

I don’t just treat the symptoms, I look for the root cause and consider the uniqueness of each woman. And I do it all naturally and safely.

I am a women’s health warrior, athlete, mother and wife.
I believe in not just getting through the day, but actually thriving and feeling empowered.
I believe in enhancing our connection with our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
I believe in community.
I believe that in order for us to reach our ultimate potential on this earth, it mandates a healthy body and mind.

Here’s to a healthy, empowered, amazing life!

Dr. Elke